Greetings! Stacy Letrice and Team Jukeboxx would like to personally invite you to join our Mas Band for Windy City Carnival 2018. As a first year band, Team Jukeboxx is ecstatic about its role in presenting and promoting Caribbean culture. We are grateful for the new opportunity to partake in a live dance performance, explore arts and creativity, learn about Caribbean culture and unify people from various backgrounds. The leaders of Team Jukeboxx strive to provide an experience that focuses on professionalism, organization, and excellence. In addition, "Team Jukeboxx is dedicated to expanding the diversity of Windy City Carnival by inviting all ages, cultures, genders and guests from outside the Chicago land area.

The theme for Team Jukeboxx’s Mas band is “Tropical Garden”. This theme was inspired by the colors of Stacy Letrice’s Jukeboxx logo (pink, purple, and gold). Carnival costumes are elaborate and will take creative expertise. As a result, the cost of the costume will depends on the intricacy of the design. Adult participants will have the option of choosing from three sections. There will be one teen section and one children section. Team Jukeboxx T-Shirts will also be available for those who do not want to play mas, but would like to join our team in the parade.

A $50 non-refundable registration fee will be required to reserve your spot in the band. This fee will go towards the total cost of your costume. Costume designs will be shared with the public as soon as they are finalized. After selecting your design, you will be given the option of paying your costume in full or utilizing the payment plan option. All payments must be finalized by June 1st.

The rehearsal process will begin on the second weekend of June. However, choreographic creations and preparations are already in the works. Small numbers of people will be utilized as prep teams for the larger practices that will begin in June. Team Jukeboxx will also host Caribbean dance workshops as fundraisers and training opportunities for our band.

In order to raise funds for Team Jukeboxx, we have started a go fund me page, began looking for sponsorship, and will create fundraising events. We ask all members to assist in helping us spread the word on these events and fund raising options. Funding will go towards costuming, drinks, security, mobile pods, a truck, a sound system and promotion.

Team Jukeboxx’s leadership staff is open to any suggestions that you may have for fundraising ideas. We also invite those who have any expertise in marketing, group organizing, graphic design, arts and crafts, and costume design to become a part of our leadership team.

In order to make this event a success, we need committed individuals who will be dedicated throughout the entire process. Each and every individual is important and play an essential role in the collective whole. With you on our team, Team Jukeboxx is sure to bring something new and fresh to Windy City Carnival. With you on our team, we also have a great chance of winning the award for band of the year. Thank you again and welcome to TEAM JUKEBOXX! You can register now by sending a deposit to via PayPal. If interested, please use the family and friends option to send your payment. Type your paragraph here.