Columbia College Chicago                                        M.A. Dance/ Movement Therapy & Counseling (LPC)
Kenyon College                                                           B.A.  Dance & Sociology
University of Cape Town, South Africa                   Study Abroad: Dance & Social Work

Elephant Man                                           “Jamaicans How We Do It “                   Dancer
Twista                                                                   “Ferocious”                                    Dancer
Pastor Charles Jenkins                                       “Real Love”                                    Dancer

Pastor Charles Jenkins                                           "Grace"                                      Dancer                                                                                                                                                                
Moesbw featuring Shatta Wale                    “Twerk & Dance”                              Dancer



 Steve Harvey Show                                      Coming To America                          Dancer

Windy City Live                                                  Sir The Baptist                               Dancer

Windy City Live                                               Muntu Dance Theater                     Dancer


Windy City Live                                               Charles Jenkins                                 Dancer

CBS                                                             Someone You Should Know                 Dancer

WGN                                                                       Obi Soulstar                                Dancer

WGN                                                                Ayodele Drum & Dance                  Dancer

FOX 32                                                    Chicago Human Rhythm Fest                 Dancer



​2017                    Stellar Award Pre-Show                    Orleans Arena, NV

                            House of Blues                                  House of Blues, CHI

                            Sir The Baptist (Tidal)                        Reggies, CHI

                            Minnesota Dancehall Queen             El Nuevo Event Center, MN

                            Bantu Festival                                    Hyde Park, CHI   

                            Milwaukee Summer Festival              Maier Festival Park, MKE

                            Charly Black, Serani &                        The Entrance, IL  

                                  Baby Cham Live

                           Serani Live                                           S2 Utlra Bar, IL                                                    


2016                        AfroPunk                                                      Barry Park, NYC

                                    One Africa Music Fest                                Barclays Center, NYC

                                    Circle of Sisters                                            Javits Convention Center, NY                

                                    Spirit of Praise Celebration                       Upper Marlboro, MD

                                    Praise Fest                                                    Metroplex Event Center, AR

                                    Aahh Fest                                                     Union Park, CHI

                                    Lollapalooza                                                Grant Park, CHI

                                    Mr. Killa Live                                               Navy Pier, CHI

                                    Banky W. Concert                                      Rio,CHI                      

                                    RunTown Live                                             Rio, CHI

2015                         Wayne Wonder Concert                           The Shrine, CHI

                                    Chaka Demus & Pliers Live                      The Shrine, CHI

                                     Too Short Concert                                    The Shrine, CHI

                                    Kimberly Gipson                                        The Shrine, CHI

                                    Serani Concert                                           The Shrine, CHI

 2014                       Les Twins Sound System                          The Shrine, CHI

                                    Mystikal Concert                                        The Shrine, CHI  

                                    Elephant Man Concert                              The Shrine, CHI

                                     Taurus Riley Concert                                The Shrine, CHI

                                     MC Lyte Concert                                        The Shrine, CHI

                                     Juvenile Concert                                        The Shrine, CHI

                                    Mr. Vegas Concert                                      The Shrine, CHI

                                    Obi Soulstar                                                House of Blues, CHI

2007                         UCT Dance Concert                                   University of Cape Town, SA


2012-Present            Muntu Dance Theater of Chicago           Concert & Performances



2010 -2014                Ayodele Drum & Dance                            Concert & Performances


Grace                                                     Charles  Jenkins                                          Official Music Video

Afro-Dancehall                                     Carnival Choreographer’s Ball                  Joe’s Bar

 We Rock                                                Charles Jenkins                                           Fellowship  Missionary Baptist Church 

 No More Trouble                                 Muntu Dance Theater                               Reva & Logan Center

I  Am Beautiful                                       Ayodele Drum & Dance                            Mandel Hall

A Much to Do About Nothing              Kenyon College                                         Bolton Theater



Ketch Di Vybz                                                            Afro-Dancehall Fusion                 Vancouver, CA

Afrobeat NYC                                                            Afro-Dancehall Fusion                  New York, NY

American Rhythm Center                                        Afro-Dancehall Fusion                 Chicago, IL

Black Women Expo                                                   Afro-Dancehall Fusion                 Chicago, IL

True Jamaican Dancehall Camp                             Afro-Dancehall Fusion                 Melbourne, AU         

The Lab                                                                      Afro-Dancehall Fusion                 Chicago, IL

Dance JA Skool                                                         Afro-Dancehall Fusion                  Kingston, JA

Husky Studios                                                          Afro-Dancehall Fusion                  London, UK

MIDI Music Company                                             West African                                   London, UK

Unity Dance Conference                                       Dancehall                                        Chicago, IL

Sogbety African Dance Festival                            West, African                                 Columbus, OH

National Cultural Foundation of Barbados        West African                                 St. James, BB                  

Columbia College Chicago                                    West African                                 Chicago, IL

Kenyon College                                                       West African/ Jazz Funk              Gambier, OH

2014 Summer in L.A Super Star Intensive Scholarship
2013 Illinois Art Council Agency

West African, Afro-beat, Dancehall, Model, Event Planner

Stacy Letrice
Professional Dancer, Choreographer & Instructor